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Maxime Houde-Shulman




We are bringing it back to our favourite city of all – Toronto, obviously. We have some serious hometown love and our newest girl is the perfect start. Meet Maxime, the cutest polly pocket who was willing to travel with us in style from climbing ladders (in some serious sun) to getting sandy on the beach (in knee-highs). She has a fire for work, style, and our very own Toronto. Not to mention, she also owns an excellent array of vintage bomber jackets (kindred spirits). Meet our your girl,  Max.



DUET-MAX-2‘Almma’ by Opening Ceremony



Hi Max! Please tell us more about yourself.
My name is Maxime Houde-Shulman but people just call me Max. After living with my bestfriend for four years, I recently moved on my own into this cute 2-floor apartment in Toronto’s west side – its like a dollhouse. People think from my online persona that I’m super calm and collected… but its not true. I’m loud, I talk a lot, and have too much energy. I never know what to do with it! I work for a tech company called #paid. We connect brands with influencers and execute incredible campaigns. My job is incredible, I love waking up and going to work everyday.



DUET-MAX-3Right: ‘Cienaga’ by Jeffrey Campbell



What would your friends tell us about you?
My friends make fun of me and say I have a napoleon complex. I’m short and small, and can’t contain my emotions inside my little heart. I feel deeply in all directions.



What’s three words to describe your style?
Boy meets girl.



DUET-MAX-4‘Cienaga’ by Jeffrey Campbell



What’s one thing in your closet you would wear everyday if you could?
My black high waisted ripped jeans.



What’s been your favourite trend that you’ve been wearing out the most?
High socks with sneakers.



DUET-MAX-5‘Cienaga’ by Jeffrey Campbell



What’s your favourite weather to shop/dress for?
Fall, I love trousers and jackets.



If you can steal/snoop in anybody’s closet, who would it be?
Bella Hadid.



Where does your style inspiration come from?
Aleali May. She exudes masculine energy with such sex appeal.



DUET-MAX-6Left: ‘Emira’ by Vagabond Shoemakers, Right: ‘Almma’ by Opening Ceremony



You’re running out the door in a hurry… What is your go-to shoe you grab?
My Raf Simons, so simple and easy.



What are you looking forward to for the rest of 2016?
My career. My work life is crazy and the company I work with is expanding rapidly. I love watching it unfold.



What’s a place on your bucket list you wish to visit?
EUROPE. Its crazy – I’ve lived in the Caribbean, l’ve lived on a boat for a year. I’ve done some crazy shi* but I’ve never been to Europe. I feel so left out.






Who are you listening to/what are your favourite songs lately?
Chance the Rapper – Juke Jam
Party Next Door – Not Nice
Tory Lanez – Luv
Popcaan- Love yuh bad
These are my top 4 tunes right now.



DUET-MAX-8‘Emira’ by Vagabond Shoemakers



What does your regular day look like?
My regular day consists of waking up later than planned and Uber-ing to work. I work from 10-6 everyday so I grind all day and then I meet up with friends after. I’m usually vintage shopping, going for walks, discovering new shops, or laying on my friends patio while he cooks me dinner.



Now, what would your ideal day look like?
Honestly, everything I said above. I love my job and I love being low key with friends.



DUET-MAX-9‘Cienaga’ by Jeffrey Campbell



What is your favourite thing about Toronto?
The different neighborhoods. I walk around a lot and discover new things. Beautiful homes, hidden restaurants, cool shops.



Describe Toronto’s energy and vibe compared to the other places you’ve travelled to.
I love Toronto. It has a super cool vibe, almost a 2COOL4YOU vibe. I’m not sure how to explain it, but you can feel it.



DUET-MAX-10Right: ‘Emira’ by Vagabond Shoemakers



What are you top 5 places to go to/eat/hang-out in Toronto?
416 Snack Bar, Bar Raval, Luna for brunch, and Cold Tea on Sunday.



DUET-MAX-11‘Cienaga’ by Jeffrey Campbell



Want more of Max? Follow @yourgirlmax on Instagram!



Photography by Leeor Wild