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Lilyanne Nguyen




Meet Lilyanne Nguyen – digital marketing specialist, traveler, and happiness guru. We met up with her in beautiful Vancouver to talk life, style, and how she is changing the way people view happiness – because it truly isn’t just one little thing. It’s everything. And she has 365 meanings to prove it.



Lilyann2‘Azul’ by Opening Ceremony



Hi Lilyanne! Tell us a brief paragraph about yourself
My name is Lilyanne, but I go by Lily for short. Originally from Calgary, I moved to Vancouver 9 years ago and currently work full-time as the Digital Marketing Specialist for Saje. I also have a life and style blog on the side, and am owner to an amazing, beautiful, and brilliant stud of a dog named Maximus (yes, from the movie Gladiator).






What inspired you to start your personal project, 365 days of happiness?
Ah, happiness—whatta word. According to the dictionary, it means “the quality or state of being happy.” But what does “being happy” really mean? This is where my 365 Days of Happiness project comes in. For the last 7 months, I’ve been asking a different person (or dog) to share their definition of happiness, and then I post a photo of them here and here. My end goal is to find my own definition of happiness by day 365.



Where do you hope to take it?
I want it to serve as a reminder that we’re not alone in our journey to finding happiness, and that happiness isn’t one thing; it’s everything. In the words of my boyfriend, “Happiness is a matter of perspective.”



Lilyann4‘Clio’ by Ancient Greek Sandals



How would you describe your personal style?
I often get asked to define my style and I always find it really hard to answer. I guess you could say it’s minimal, or whatever-it-is-that-I’m-into-at-the-time. Apparently that also makes me “edgy,” whatever that means.



Summer must-have?
This year, my summer must-have is a pair of suede mules, like these by Jeffrey Campbell that I just purchased from DUET.



Lilyann5‘Lazer’ by Schutz



What is your go-to lip color?
For every day, I love Jubilee by MAC. On days when I’m feeling extra sassy, I love Russian Red, also by MAC.



Your biggest influence?
My parents. Growing up, my mom always had that incredibly tough love, whereas my dad was the epitome of both strength and fragility. Everything I know and strive for is because of them.



Any secret talents people would be surprised to know?
It’s not really a secret, but I’ve been told I can always see the best, brightest, and most beautiful side of any given person.



Lilyann6‘Lazer’ by Schutz



What is a quote or motto you try and live by?
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Many of us love the idea of being the change that will improve the world, but we often don’t take the actions necessary to do it.



Biggest or recent accomplishment?
It’s hard for me to pick just one, but collaborating with Vogue and Versace to celebrate the opening of the new Versace Vancouver boutique back in December was pretty f***ing awesome to say the least.






A physical attribute you have that you have learnt to love?
I’ve always had body issues growing up. In fact, I hated everything about me from my eyebrows (or lack thereof) to my feet and everything in-between. It hasn’t been an easy road, but I’ve come to realize that nobody and no body is perfect. So while embracing my body has been challenging, this is the only body I own and I will, in fact, OWN IT.



Where are your go-to coffee and lunch/dinner spot(s) in Vancouver?
Anywhere that serves a killer almond milk chai latte and offers all-day breakfast.



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Photography by Leeor Wild