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Dani + Taylor Reynolds

We spent the day with creative-sisters-slash-besties Dani & Taylor Reynolds, talking snacks, soaps, and lots of exclusive insider sibling stuff.


Above: Senso ‘Isla II’



Can you both tell us a little bit about yourselves?

T: I’m a Media Production Student living in Toronto.

D: I’m a Creative living in Toronto…

and we’re sisters. There’s this photo I found on Instagram of a Husky puppy and a baby Golden Retriever hanging out like bffs waiting for treats. I think that photo perfectly embodies us- two bffs, hanging out, eating treats.



Taylor, describe Dani in 1 sentence.

A creative virtuoso, both with words and images.

Dani, describe Taylor in 1 sentence.

Skilled at curating photos, playlists, & snacks, with emphasis on the latter.

Above: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Locklyn’

You have similar aesthetics – both in your wardrobe and your work, but still manage to have individual looks. Do you influence each other’s work / style?

D: Absolutely! Our Pinterest boards can testify to that. Somehow we often save the same reference photos, we’ve even bought the same shoes not knowing the other owned them. In terms of style, we’re constantly trading (stealing) each other’s clothes. Because of that, and because we shoot together a lot, we definitely rub off on each other.



Have you worked on projects together in the past? Is working together something you see in your future?

Yes & yes. You could almost argue that we started as a team & then branched off separately. In highschool we would come home from class, put on these really extra outfits & walk around the neighbourhood taking photos of each other as inspired by Teen Vogue & As they say: team work makes the dream work.

Above: Senso ‘Isla II’

What are your 5 favourite Toronto spots?


Saving Grace for brunch (basically a weekly ritual)

Terroni on Queen cause I love a good pasta

Ripley’s Aquarium for the building’s architecture

YYoga to clear the mind

Don Valley bike trail for a change of scenery


for coffee

Academy of Lions for sweat sessions

YYoga for zen time

Imanishi for dinner

Chinatown for everything else  

What are the latest photos in your respective camera rolls? 

D: A photo of Tay in a pink suede jacket 

T: A photo of Dan in a vintage adidas jacket

What is one item you need to get rid of but can’t seem to part ways with?

D: The free shirts they give you when you run a marathon. What they lack in style they make up for in nostalgia.

T: A  lace kimono (from my boho days) Dan hand picked for me from a vintage store. Between the sentiment and it’s one-of-a-kind factor, it somehow manages to skip the donation bag every time I do a closet purge.

Taylor, what is one thing people would be surprised to know about Dani?

We used to rush home in high school and watch this cheesy soap called “Passions,” I think that was just the beginning of our shared appreciation for cheap TV.

Dani, one thing people would be surprised to know about Taylor?

She’s obsessed with westies & feels the need to snapchat the westie on the cesar dog food can every time we’re at the grocery store…

Above: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Locklyn’

The best place you’ve ever been? (Together or separate.)

D: Lisbon, Portugal

T: (Surprisingly) San Antonio, Texas

Together: San Francisco & Muir Woods

Your next travel destination? (Together of separate.)

D: Morocco & Vietnam

T: Iceland & Vancouver

Together: Prague & Budapest

And finally, what are you each listening to right now?

D: Sufjan Stevens ‘Carrie and Lowell’, Beirut ‘No No No’, Majical Cloudz ‘Are You Alone?’ (as suggested by Tay)

T: Majical Cloudz (his entire discography), 80s Synthpop (think Pet Shop Boys & Tears For Fears), Palmbomen ii Palmbomen ii, Blood Orange’s ‘Sandra’s Smile’ (impatiently waiting for the rest of the album to drop) 



Above: Senso ‘Isla II’

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Photography by Leeor Wild