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Dani Roche + Bianca Venerayan


Dani + Bianca


“Never meet with strangers on the internet” is probably one of the rules you’d hear your folks say, but that didn’t stop rule-breakers, Dani and Bianca. These tiny ultra-cutie girls are Toronto-based and ready to make a big impact on the world. We made them get upside down (literally), along with showcase their expression of abstract dance (our fave kind obvi). From outfit cross-coordination, serious internet meme studies, and giving them the ~ultimate~ Canadian male-artist ultimatum, this friendship duo will have you internally yelling ‘#goals’.



DUETGIRLS: DANI + BIANCA 2Above left: ‘Perpetua’ by Jeffrey Campbell, ‘Perpetua’ by Jeffrey Campbell; Above right: ‘Slip-On’ by Vans‘Oldskool’ by Vans



Hi! Please introduce yourselves and tell us more about you.
Bianca: I’m Bianca Venerayan, a freelance writer and an archetypal Pisces with a lot of feelings.
Dani: My name is Dani Roche and my favourite colour is orange, I’m allergic to cats, I love Twitter, and I think I am a stress vomiter. I am also the owner of digital + experiences agency, Kastor & Pollux.



How did you both meet and what were you first impressions of each other?
Bianca: We met on the Internet, of course! We showed ~super compatibility~ on music networking website Last.FM (because we both listened to John Mayer and various emo bands incessantly), so we met IRL because that’s what you do when you find your long lost twin online. My first impression was shock and confusion that two people who had hardly crossed paths in the past could be so similar — feelings that eventually faded as we became accustomed to quirks like finishing each other’s sentences and accidentally wearing the same outfit.
Dani: Prior to that Last.FM debacle, I would see Bianca in the halls at our high school. At the time she was a scene girl, and I thought she looked really cool. I’m glad the internet brought us together because it’s been 9 years and I still think she looks really cool.



DUETGIRLS: DANI + BIANCA 3Above: ‘Elise’ by Joie, ‘Olivia’ by Vagabond Shoemakers



Describe each other in three words.
Bianca: Dani is CUTE BUT SAVAGE
Dani: Good at memes



Describe yourself in three words.
Bianca: Thinks she’s funny
Dani: Bad at memes



DUETGIRLS: DANI + BIANCA 4Above left: ‘Elise’ by Joie, ‘Olivia’ by Vagabond Shoemakers; Above right: ‘Slip-On’ by Vans‘Oldskool’ by Vans



What is your favourite thing about each other?
Bianca: Dani is one of the only people who can make me laugh. I mean, I fake-laugh to be polite to people all the time but Dani is actually funny. She’s also one of the only people who laughs at my jokes. Whether or not she’s faking it is irrelevant to the fact that she makes me feel loved and accepted, lol.
Dani: Bianca is loyal and unconditional. We’ve been through so much together, and she feels like part of my family. We can go weeks without talking, and I never have to worry – she’s always going to be there for me!






What are some projects you enjoy doing/participating in and why?
Bianca: I like writing pieces that prompt readers to reflect on society and on themselves, because I want to make a positive impact on the world. Right now, I’m especially focused on topics of food and fashion sustainability.
Dani: I need to constantly be stimulated and challenged. I like the idea of building things and using my hands, but I spend my time doing so many different things on the computer it’s really hard to say. If I could do more of anything, it would definitely be building more tactile objects.



What is number one (and maybe number two) on your bucket list?
Bianca: (1) To swim with pigs in Exuma, Bahamas and (2) to go on a spiritual retreat completely cut off from modern civilization for a few months.
Dani: (1) I want to drive across Canada & the US on a really long and epic road trip and (2) I want to learn how to drive so I can help out with the aforementioned.



DUETGIRLS: DANI + BIANCA 6Above left: ‘Slip-On’ by Vans‘Oldskool’ by Vans; Above right: ‘Perpetua’ by Jeffrey Campbell, ‘Perpetua’ by Jeffrey Campbell



What is a bad habit you wish to break/others wished you’d break?
Bianca: I stare at people with fervour when I’m thinking (especially when I’m working on a written piece), so friends and strangers alike find me intense and kind of intrusive. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Dani: I wish I could stop working for a second and keep up with memes. I feel so distant from society a lot of the times because I have no idea what’s going on on the Internet.



What song best describes you?
Bianca: Flamingo by Kero Kero Bonito
Dani: I asked @krimoji to answer this question and she said Camp Rock – This Is Me



DUETGIRLS: DANI + BIANCA 7Above: ‘Perpetua’ by Jeffrey Campbell, ‘Perpetua’ by Jeffrey Campbell



Which artist(s) is/are currently on repeat on your ipod/Spotify?
Bianca: Wet, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Carly Rae Jepsen and Fleetwood Mac. I like variety.
Dani: I mean, I’ve been listening to a lot of Ariana Grande…



Justin Bieber or Drake?
Bianca: You can’t make me make this decision. You don’t own me!!!
Dani: I have multiple Justin Bieber magazine covers decorating my apartment.



DUETGIRLS: DANI + BIANCA 8Above left: ‘Perpetua’ by Jeffrey Campbell, ‘Perpetua’ by Jeffrey Campbell; Above right: ‘Slip-On’ by Vans‘Oldskool’ by Vans



If you could make up an Olympic competition that you would win gold, hands down, what would it be?
Bianca: Longest headstand while yelling the loudest.
Dani: I’m bad at hypothetical scenarios.



What was the last thing you googled?
Bianca: “Movies about clones used for organs”
Dani: “Who is largest cat 28lbs”






What are some of your favourite places in Toronto?
Bianca: Oddseoul, a Korean fusion restaurant with killer tempura prawns; Trinity Bellwoods, a park with a lot of dogs and sneaky drinking; The Harbourfront Centre, a hotspot for playing Pokemon GO
Dani: Sam James for coffee, Oddseoul for dates, The Grow Op for green smoothies, Kim Nails and Spa for nails. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell.



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Photography by Leeor Wild