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Amanda Arcuri




Welcoming our newest girl on the roster: Amanda aka Chiqui aka Lola Pacini from the TV series Degrassi. When she’s not working, this tiny bundle of fierceness loves doing normal human things (ie. life’s best enjoyments: sleeping and eating). She gives us the real low-down on what the entertainment business is really like and how she fell in love with the art of acting. This girl = the perfect mixture of spice, innocence, and confidence. So… get ready to fall in love with Amanda. We all did.



amanda18Left: ‘Dahl’ by Rachel Comey



Hi Amanda! Tell us about yourself!
Hello! Me name is Amanda Acuri, some of my family and friends call me Chiqui (short form of Chiquita) which means “lil” or “small” in Spanish. I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, by my parents who immigrated to Canada 28 years ago from Argentina. I am an actress currently taking on my third year on the Canadian classic, “Degrassi”. I love all forms of art, creating and also exploring. I love travelling and going on adventures.



Describe your style and who/what influences your style
My style is influenced usually by how I feel and how I want the world to perceive me as that day. Also by my stylish friends who give me courage to dress how I want and to own it. My style could be described as minimal, classic, and trendy.



amanda1Left: ‘Parker’ by J/Slides



You change your hair colour quite frequently. What has been your favourite hair colour to date and what’s your protocol on deciding your next hair colour venture?
I would have to say either my platinum blonde, or the blue I had for prom! I usually take inspiration from anime characters, as well as my hairdresser. We sometimes sit and think about different mixtures of colours and what would look best.



If you can be reborn as any animal, what would it be?
A panda! They eat and sleep. What a life.



amanda12‘Parker’ by J/Slides



Who is your celebrity crush/who are you currently obsessed with?
Bella Hadid and Ryan Gosling. Also Sita Abellan. She’s a DJ and a model from Spain. I found her on Instagram and I fell in love.



What is on repeat on your playlists?
Mac Miller’s new album “The Divine Feminine”, Drakes “Fake Love”, and “Me and Your Mama” by Childish Gambino.



How do you spend your days off?
I either shop and hang out with friends, or binge watch tv shows and movies or both.



amanda7‘Bellaire’ by Jeffrey Campbell



If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?
Time travel, one hundred and ten percent.



Do you have any hidden talents?
I’m double jointed, that counts I guess.



If you could be any other character from a show (reality, animated, etc.), who would you be and why?
Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is extremely strong, loving, and she kills vampires. I just wanna fight evil and look good while doing so, like her.



amanda19Right: ‘Bellaire’ by Jeffrey Campbell



Your character on Degrassi, Lola Pacini, is described as a boy-crazy cheerleader. What were you like in high school? How do you relate/differ from her?
I was more of an eccentric, free spirited person in high-school who had lots of friends. I think my open personality attracted a lot of different people and still does. Lola is pretty boy crazy and needs love but is scared of people leaving her. This is where we differ. I welcome love and I’m never afraid of putting myself out there or giving my all. We’re also both funny in a ‘not so funny’ situations. We are both slightly naive in which we see the good in everyone and don’t think twice about consequences of our actions. We are very “in the moment” type of people. We are also not afraid to speak up for ourselves.



What are some qualities you wish you had that Lola had?
She has a strong mind and can make her own decisions. I love this trait about her. I am a very indecisive person and sometimes allow people to make decisions for me. I wish I had her decision making skills and strength to do so.



amanda4Left: ‘Dahl’ by Rachel Comey



How did you catch the acting bug
I’ve always loved dressing up as a kid and creating characters, but I also loved soccer. I played on a REP team in Toronto called the Toronto Eagles. One year I fell ill and decided to take a long break. I still played on my high-school team but it wasn’t the same, so I found other things to take up my time and took a drama course in grade 11. That’s when I auditioned for Degrassi and from there my career as an actress set off.



What surprised you most about the entertainment industry?
It’s not super glamorous as everyone thinks! It’s hard work creating a product that viewers would come to love. It’s long days and your work comes home with you. It’s very tiring but it is completely worth it.






What do you see yourself doing if you hadn’t gotten into acting?
I had planned to go into psychology or kinesiology. I decided not to go into kinesiology after I fainted from seeing a dislocated knee cap. But I love working with people and helping others, and I still want to pursue some type of social work.



Any fun new upcoming projects we should look out for?
Yes! I just landed a role in an upcoming webseries launching some time in 2017.


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Photography by Leeor Wild