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Amanda Arcuri


Welcoming our newest girl on the roster: Amanda aka Chiqui aka Lola Pacini from the TV series Degrassi. When she’s not working, this tiny bundle of fierceness loves doing normal human things (ie. life’s best enjoyments: sleeping and eating). She gives us the real low-down on what the entertainment business is really like and how she fell in love with the art of acting. This girl = the perfect mixture of spice, innocence, and confidence. So… get ready to fall in love with Amanda. We all did.

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Olivia Pezzente


Let us introduce you to our newest chick on the block, Olivia Pezzente. This Vancouver-turned-Toronto-based model, student, and ex-dancer has a thing for French culture, Tarzan-type fellas, beautiful shoes, and sporting boyish vintage clothing. Funny, us too. Shes tall, real pretty, and super flexible. (Refer to below.) Amongst all that, ultimately, we are down with her ultra-down and chill vibe.

PS. Dear Olivia, British reality TV (again, refer to below) is not something to be embarrassed about – we support you, girl.

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Dani Roche + Bianca Venerayan

Dani + Bianca

“Never meet with strangers on the internet” is probably one of the rules you’d hear your folks say, but that didn’t stop rule-breakers, Dani and Bianca. These tiny ultra-cutie girls are Toronto-based and ready to make a big impact on the world. We made them get upside down (literally), along with showcase their expression of abstract dance (our fave kind obvi). From outfit cross-coordination, serious internet meme studies, and giving them the ~ultimate~ Canadian male-artist ultimatum, this friendship duo will have you internally yelling ‘#goals’.

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Maxime Houde-Shulman


We are bringing it back to our favourite city of all – Toronto, obviously. We have some serious hometown love and our newest girl is the perfect start. Meet Maxime, the cutest polly pocket who was willing to travel with us in style from climbing ladders (in some serious sun) to getting sandy on the beach (in knee-highs). She has a fire for work, style, and our very own Toronto. Not to mention, she also owns an excellent array of vintage bomber jackets (kindred spirits). Meet our, your girl, Max.

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Rebekah Letch

Rebekah Letch

True story: we are secretly fascinated with dancers and ballerinas here at the DUET head office. Imagine our excitement to be able to feature NYC resident, Rebekah Letch – ballerina, beauty product entrepreneur (*best-selling* might we add), and fitness enthusiast. Born and raised in South East Asia, schooled in NYC, and chapters of life in Italy, Mexico, and San Francisco. Julliard and NYU graduate. New homies with the one and only Russell Simmons. Trilingual. ‘Accomplished’ seems like a serious understatement for this fierce female.

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Alyssa Coscarelli + Lauren Caruso

Lauren + Alyssa

Twice as much is twice as good. We like to think that everything is better in twos. Your left and right pair, a double scoop (because why not), or your ultimate BFF to make you whole. Meet Lauren + Alyssa – two friends who seem to match each other as the perfect dynamic duo. We talk a bit of Drizzy, NYC city faves, and fashion industry introductions. After all, you know we enjoy ourselves a great ~DUET~ if we do say so ourselves.

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Jessi Frederick


We spent a golden afternoon in Brooklyn with NY native and all-around cute gyal Jessi Frederick of Stylish Gambino in a wicked vintage whip. She shares with us about her new brand, her start in fashion (hint: our fave magazine growing up, duh), and her thoughts on “blogging”.

PS. Shes a fan of The Bachelorette – so naturally, we adore her even more.

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Lilyanne Nguyen


Meet Lilyanne Nguyen – digital marketing specialist, traveler, and happiness guru. We met up with her in beautiful Vancouver to talk life, style, and how she is changing the way people view happiness – because it truly isn’t just one little thing. It’s everything. And she has 365 meanings to prove it.

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Alexandra Lee


Word on the street is that the West Coast is the best coast and whilst getting to know the ever so lovely Alexandra Lee, we can (almost) agree. We spent the afternoon hopping fences and lounging by pools talking dream collaborations, Vancity hot spots, and closet must-haves. From where she eats, to her faves on her feet, meet B.C. babe Alexandra Lee.

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Phoenix Lauren


Meet our new friend Phoenix Lauren – a Saskatoon-born and Vancouver-based singer who can kick some serious butt in the thrift-shopping game, beat you in a burrito-eating contest (maybe not, but worth a try), and maintain the most enviably chill West Coast vibes you’ll ever witness. We had the immense pleasure of spending some time kicking around East Vancouver with Phoenix, hunting down candy-coloured walls and talking about dream duets, bucket list moments, and more.

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